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With 4 out 5 people suffering low back pain at some point of their lives, Chiropractic treatment along with staying active may well be the best solution. Chiropractic, unlike painkillers, treats the cause of the pain rather than just the pain itself.

Treating the cause not just the symptoms

The Doctors of Chiropractic at this Centre will ask you questions about your pain, medical history and lifestyle, carry out a fully and thorough examination to discover the cause of your back pain and offer a diagnosis of your complaint.

Then your treatment will begin often with gentle, specific adjustments (the chiropractic word for manipulation) done by hand to free stiff joints and remove spinal nerve irritation. This effective drug- free treatment is generally painless. Your Chiropractor may recommend ice or heat treatment, specific exercises and lifestyle changes.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Poor posture may lead to back pain. The Chiropractors at this Centre will show you should be sitting and may advise you to make changes if you

  • Spend hours a day sitting at a desk, computer or in front of the tv
  • Sleep in a bed that is too hard or soft
  • Drive long distances in in car, van or lorry

Repeating daily activities such as lifting, driving, bending, twisting may also result in a bad back. This is why at this Centre your Chiropractor will want to understand how you tackle these everyday movements. They will also ask about any major traumas to your back such as car accidents, falls, sporting injuries or lifting heavy weights.

Is it a slipped disc?

Discs do not slip. Spinal discs are fibrous rings, containing a soft gel-like ‘cushion’ between each of your spinal vertebrae (bones). Discs cannot slip because they are attached to the spinal vertebrae but the term ‘slipped disc’ can refer to disc damage such as a tear, bulge or prolapsed. The resulting pressure or irritation on the nerves that exit your spine can cause pain in your back, or referred pain over an area through which the nerves pass such as your legs. Leg pain, pins and needles, weakness or numbness can be caused by nerve irritation or pressure in the lower spine. Your Chiropractor at this Centre will explain to you the cause of your pain. It may not be a ‘slipped disc’ as many other problems have similar pain patterns.

How long will Chiropractic take to work?

Medical research and scientific evidence has repeatedly shown that spinal manipulation can help back pain. Many national guidelines for medical practitioners recommend the use of Chiropractic treatment for back pain. The longer you have been in pain the longer it may take to improve with treatment. At this Centre your Chiropractor will advise you of your likely recovery time and how to minimise the chances of a problem happening again. Early treatment is important but chiropractors are also effective at treating long standing or chronic pain.

Is Chiropractic treatment possible after surgery?

Probably. The Chiropractors at this Centre have the training and experience to treat each patient as an individual. You will receive appropriate treatment for your specific condition, whilst areas not suitable for treatment will be carefully avoided. In addition you may be offered post-surgical advice, exercise and rehabilitation.

Can Chiropractic treatment be given during pregnancy?

Yes. At this Centre if you are pregnant your Chiropractic will utilise safe and gentle techniques that are suitable for use during pregnancy. You may also be offered advice with regards to nutrition, posture and exercise.

Do I need an x-ray?

Most back problems do not show up on x-ray and in fact are better diagnosed with a thorough spinal examination (including orthopaedic and neurological tests) and other diagnostic imaging such as MRI scans. Unfortunately some patients can believe that they are getting good care if they are sent for x-rays however practitioners who routinely x-ray every patient are not in keeping with the accepted scientific evidence and national guidelines. Sometime x-rays are important to your treatment and if this is the case your Chiropractor will discuss this with you. At this centre we do not routinely x-ray every patient.

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90% of people suffering back pain stop seeing the GP within three months – but most of them are still in pain a year later ... ref Croft et al ...
We aim to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and with the minimum of discomfort ....
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