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Neck Pain

Your neck supports the weight and movement of your head (which in adult can weight between 10 and 14lbs) as well as being the part of the spine that contains most of the nerves that connect your brain to the rest of the body. With the amount of driving, computer work and stress that most people have in their daily routines it is not surprising that we can need a little Chiropractic help to keep out necks doing their job properly.

Poor posture, sleeping incorrectly and activities as varied as prolonged working at the computer, lifting children, carrying things in and out of the car, decorating, holding a phone in the crook of your neck as well as manual work can all result in the loss of proper movement in the joints in your neck. This loss of proper joint movement can cause irritation of the nerves that exit your spin leading to pain in your neck , or referred pain over an area through which the nerves pass such as your arms. Arm pain, pins and needles, weakness or numbness can be caused by nerve irritation or pressure in the neck and upper spine

Treating the cause not just the symptoms

The Doctors of Chiropractic at this Centre will ask you questions about your pain, medical history, posture and lifestyle, carry out a fully and thorough examination to discover the cause of your neck pain and offer a diagnosis of your complaint.

Then your treatment will begin often with gentle, specific adjustments (the chiropractic word for manipulation) done by hand to free stiff joints and remove spinal nerve irritation. This will restore normal movement to the area and decrease pain. This effective drug- free treatment is generally painless. Your Chiropractor may recommend ice or heat treatment, specific exercises and lifestyle changes. It may be that the Chiropractors at our Centre will utilise rehabilitation techniques to retrain receptors in the ligaments that may have been damaged as well as specific exercises.

Is rolling you neck good for you?

No. Many people in the past have been given neck or head rolling exercises to help stretch their neck. However, the joints in the neck are designed for one type of movement such as looking up or down, turning to the right or left, bending your neck to the right or left (bringing the ear to the shoulder) rather than all of these movements together. It is better to stretch the neck in one direction at a time.

Should I wear a collar?

Although in an acute stage a soft collar may offer some relief it should not be relied upon. If you become reliant upon your collar the muscles of the neck will be come weaker as their job is being performed by the collar. It is important that you have an active treatment plan that involves your Chiropractor, postural and ergonomic advice and an exercise program to help support the muscles and joints of your neck

How many pillows should I use?

Ideally you would like to sleep with your spine in a straight line and so it is important that you pillow is not too low or too high or that you are not using too many pillows. It is better to sleep on your back or on your side rather than on your front with your neck twisted to the side.

There was no pain after the accident – why has it started hurting now?

The pain from a neck injury doesn’t have to happen immediately after the incident or accident. The body can compensate in the short term for injuries and often it is not until later that a pain develops.

I was involved in an accident at 10mph but had severe pain. Why?

There are tiny receptors in your neck which when stretched very quickly result in the muscles of the neck contracting to protect the neck from injury. However sometimes when the receptors are stretched more slowly the receptors do not cause the muscles to contract and the neck is not so well protected. This may be one reason why you can have more pain in a slower rear end car accident than a faster one.

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